Creative educational and scientific laboratory “Mountain School of the Ukrainian Carpathians”

HeadInna Bohdanivna Chervinska, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor.

The creative educational and scientific laboratory was created in 2017 as part of the implementation of the International project “Mountain School of the Ukrainian Carpathians. State. Problems. Development prospects” and the Ukrainian-American project “Carpathians-Appalachia”. Regulations on the creative educational and scientific laboratory of the international project “Mountain School of the Ukrainian Carpathians” of Vasyl Stefanyk Prykarpattia National University, approved by the Academic Council of Vasyl Stefanyk Prykarpattia National University dated March 28, 2017, protocol No. 3 and put into effect by order of the rector dated November 1, 2017 No. 650 (edition 1). Created by the order of the rector of Vasyl Stefanyk Pre-Carpathian National University of Higher Education and Higher Education Institution No. 278 of May 12, 2017.

The mission of the laboratory is “From the mountain school to the wide world”.

The main goal of the Creative Educational and Scientific Laboratory is:

  • increasing the effectiveness of scientific research and practice-oriented activities related to the study and application in the modern socio-cultural space of the ethno-cultural and educational assets of the creative heritage and the latest educational practices of the Ukrainian Carpathian region;
  • creation and development of innovative platforms for cooperation and interaction of educational institutions for study;
  • summarizing and solving theoretical and methodological problems of their activity;
  • ensuring the implementation of the scientific component of socio-cultural research, coordination of scientific research work of teachers, students, master’s students, post-graduate students and teachers and students of general secondary education institutions in mountain regions;
  • popularization, preservation and reproduction of the historical and cultural heritage of the Ukrainian Carpathian region by integrating educational resources and ethnocultural assets into the educational process.

1. Creation of innovative platforms for cooperation and interaction. (Electronic publication “Pedagogical Chest” Website; Professional journal “Mountain School of the Ukrainian Carpathians”

2. Promotion of the Ukrainian Carpathian region and creation of a positive image of the mountain school. Cooperation with institutions of general secondary education and institutions of extracurricular education in mountain regions.

3. Popularization, preservation and reproduction of historical and cultural heritage through the integration of educational resources and ethno-cultural heritage. Ethnocultural and educational projects: “Mountain school as a center of socio-cultural development of the community”; “Folk crafts and crafts in my school”; “Educational vision and educational potential of Prykarpattia museums”; “Museum pedagogy in the educational process of the mountain school”.

4. Information literacy. Development of online courses on media education and media literacy for students, teachers, and parents of mountain schools.

5. Support and development of gifted children. Support and development of gifted students living in remote and hard-to-reach mountain settlements through the organization of distance learning. Creation of a regional experimental site on the basis of mountain schools and information and resource centers. Project “Data bank of gifted children from mountain regions”. The project “Personality development of a junior high school student in the conditions of a mountain environment.”

6. Pedagogical support, information and consultations. Project: “Center for informational and methodological assistance to teachers and parents of children with inclusion.” Pedagogical support of parents and children with special educational needs (inclusive education).

7. Innovative activities and professional development. Organization and holding of courses, trainings, seminars, master classes on innovative educational activities at the request of educational institutions of the mountain region. Project “Distance education of teachers of mountain schools”.


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Regulations on the creative laboratory