Third summer school Reginna 4.0

Volodymyra Boichuk, Professor of the Department of Materials Science and New Technologies, and Liliia Turovska, Researcher at PNU NanoLab, were invited lecturers at the Third Summer School REGINNA 4.0, which takes place at the University of León (Universidad de León) from 12 April to 3 May. Lilia Turovska presented a lecture entitled “Nanomaterials: Introduction”, in which she described the features of nanomaterials, their properties that depend on the size of the particles, and their application in modern technologies. In the lecture “Graphene. Magic of Carbon”, Volodymyra Boichuk revealed the unique properties of carbon nanomaterials and the possibilities of their utilisation in Industry 4.0 and 5.0.

The Expo Leóni 4.0 “I Digital & Tech Forum León”, which took place in parallel with the Summer School, was a practical confirmation of the theoretical principles of using nanomaterials.

Participation in such events allows Ukrainian scientists to actively cooperate with the international scientific community, study new trends and achievements in global science and technology.