PNU students participate in the Reginna 4.0 project

In continuation of the exciting course of the Reginna 4.0 project, students of the Precarpathian National University attended a number of extremely interesting lectures and seminars from September 4 to 9.
The lectures included such areas as “Digital Transformation Journey,” “Lean Production (Business Case),” and “Technology Readiness Level.”, where students learned about the most modern technologies and methods of production optimization.

“Data Modeling: From Relational Databases to Big Data” and the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the field of cyber security at the lecture “Introduction to Industrial Cybersecurity.”
Business cases from “Business strategies in high-innovation potential areas” to “Entrepreneurship and Startup Management” inspired the creation of their own innovative projects.
The study of advanced technologies such as “Collaborative Robotics,” “Introduction to Quantum Computing,” and “Introduction to Deep Learning and Nanotechnology Applications,” opened up new opportunities for future engineers and researchers.
And, of course, our students delved into the field of innovation, studying “Innovation as a Managerial Challenge” and “Innovation in the Field.”

Regina 4.0
Precarpathian National University 

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