Physico-chemical Institute

The director is Nykyruy Lyubomyr Ivanovich, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, professor.

The institute was established in March 1999 in accordance with the order of the rector of the university, in agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

During the existence of the institute, its employees participated in the implementation of more than 10 international scientific projects. The most successful of them was the project of the NATO scientific program: “Thermoelectric materials and devices for energy saving and safety improvement” (NATO SPS G-4536) with a total amount of funding of EUR 239,000, which was implemented during 2014-2016.

The priority direction of the Institute’s work is the organization and holding of well-known periodic international conferences on “Physics and Technology of Thin Films and Nanosystems”, which have actually become the synthesizing center of science in this direction in our country. 17 conferences have already been held, 5 of which were partially financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine.


Order on the establishment of the Institute

Regulations on the Institute