Laboratory of cognitive modeling

HeadSydoryk Yury Romanovych, candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor.

The laboratory was established in 2018. The purpose of the laboratory’s activity is research and implementation of the latest methods of measurement and modeling of the human psyche.
In 2018, it took 13th place among 34 Ukrainian teams in the Vodafone Age Prediction Challenge on (application of machine learning/artificial intelligence methods in building a model for predicting the age characteristics of Internet users of the Vodafone network). The laboratory cooperates with scientists from Rush University (USA) on the implementation of the latest methods of diagnosis and psychotherapy of children and adolescents in Ukraine. In particular, in 2018-2019, a number of seminars were organized for Ukrainian specialists who work with children with autism spectrum disorders. In 2019, a grant was received and the “Fullbright Specialist Program” i3 project was implemented by a specialist invited to conduct seminars – Ph.D. Allie Wainer, Rush
University, USA.


Order on the creation of a modeling laboratory

Regulations on the simulation laboratory