Educational and Scientific Institute of Ukrainian Studies

DirectorValentyna Vasylivna Greshchuk – candidate of philological sciences, associate professor

Founded in 1996. The Institute of Ukrainian Studies declared itself as a powerful center of Ukrainian studies. The priority direction of research is the regularities of the national and cultural revival in Galicia as a component of the process of national Ukrainian revival. Together with the Institute of the Ukrainian Language of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, he co-founded the I.I. Kovalik Prykarpattia Derivative Center. The Institute publishes the scientific and theoretical magazine “Ukrainian Studies Studies”, as well as the collection “Ukrainian Studies: Documents, Materials, Rarities”. The Institute of Ukrainian Studies prepared and published more than 50 monographs and about 200 articles. In 2019, the first volume of the unique work “Hutsul Dialect Lexicon and Phrasemics in the Ukrainian Artistic Language” was published.

At the international level, the Institute cooperates with Warsaw, Lublin and Jagiellonian Universities (Poland), Olomouc University (Czech Republic), Ukrainian Free University (Germany).

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Order of the Ministry of Education and Culture on the establishment of the institute