Center research constitutional justice

The head is Rozvadovskyi Volodymyr Ivanovych, candidate of legal sciences, associate professor.

According to the order of the rector of the university No. 2 of January 2, 2019, the center for the study of constitutional justice was established.
The Center carries out its activities on the basis of the provisions on the Center for the Study of Constitutional Justice. The work of the center is carried out according to plan. Scientists conduct research on the following topics on a public basis, namely:
1. Writing the monograph “On the significance of the doctrine of P.P. Yuzkov about the constitutional court”.
2. Monograph on the topic: “Constitutional and legal status of participants in constitutional proceedings: theory and practice.” According to the instructions of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, with the participation of the teachers of the department, 4 scientific and expert opinions were prepared, specifically on public specialization. This testifies to the fact that our scientific and expert conclusions on issues of constitutional proceedings are relevant for the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.


Order on creation of the center

Regulations about the center